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Leather and Suede Cleaning

Safe for our environment and your clothes! Using a bio degradable system that restores your precious garments.

Drapery Cleaning

Drapery, curtains, all an immediate focus on homes or businesses. Attracting certain odors, such as dust, animal, smoking, and cooking can collect on these fabrics. We provide a gentle, yet thorough, cleaning to give them a fresh, new appearance!

Shirt Laundering

Appearance, especially in a professional setting, is most valuable. We observe the garment when we collect it, making any notes on loose buttons, collars or cuffs that need special attention. At that time, we then hand wash, starch and press your garments to a crisp, clean classic look every time. Aiming and striving for perfection is what we are best known for in the Rochester Community.

Wedding Gown Preservation

With our in house tailor and alterations professional we go through a thorough process of looking over the gown, making certain if there are any repairs to be made, they are addressed at that time- then carefully start our cleaning process, first by pre treating the garment. In our preservation process, we shield it from all elements by folding it gently and positioning it in an elegant, protective viewing case / box.

Alterations and Tailoring

We are proud to have our professional alterations and tailoring specialist featured in our Blossom road location. Please drop off at any one of our 6 stores and they will take care of this for you.

Fire, Water, and Odor Restoration

We cater to, and specialize in residential and commercial cleaning for valuables that have been affected by Fire, water, and particular odors that are caused by these catastrophes. By working with many of these situations in the past, salvaging and restoring these household valuables and costly office products, has given us our professional title. There is NO CHARGE for any pick up or delivery services involving this process.

Comforter and Bedspread Cleaning

Your Comforters, Duvet Covers, and certain types of blankets all require special care. These are personal items that are being used by your loved ones and yourself. They are costly investments that we pay close attention to. We pride ourselves on their cleaning process and maintaining their original appearance.

Free Seasonal Storage

In need of extra space in your house hold? If only we had a larger closet or more storage? Worry no more! We offer free seasonal storage after cleaning your product and hold it safely for you in the confines of our main location at no charge!

UGG boot cleaning

They are an investment and a risk you should not attempt to clean yourself. We are partnered with a specialist who major in the cleaning of these products. Please call one of our locations for in depth questions relating to this service.

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