Dry Cleaners
Dry Cleaners

About the Julian's

Where it all began...

Established in the 1940s by John Julian, Julian's Dry Cleaners has its roots in a legacy of expertise passed down to John at a young age by his three brothers. Armed with the skills acquired during his formative years, John, with a solid reputation, ventured to open his own dry cleaning business on Blossom Road after his brothers retired and sold the family company.
The founders of Julian's Dry Cleaners
The Julian's sons

The Julian Sons

Having embraced their father's legacy, John and Joe effectively uphold client loyalty, foster strong relationships, and deliver exceptional service at Julian's Dry Cleaners. The team at Julian's Dry Cleaners is committed to accountability and hands-on family management. It's not just John and Joe who contribute; even their children actively participate in the operations of Julian's Dry Cleaners!

The Third Generation

Both John and Joe Julian's sons, Ashton, Austin, and Dylan, are determined to carry forward the legacy and success of their family's business. They eagerly anticipate achieving milestones that will make their grandfather and father proud.
The Third Generation
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